TOLAN Training offer a wide range of essential first aid supplies which can be purchased when you book a course and delivered on the day (if give plenty of notice)

Small     BS 8599-1 First Aid Kit                                                £17.99    -     Refill kit £13.99

Medium BS 8599-1 First Aid Kit                                                £23.99     -    Refill kit £19.99

Large     BS 8599-1 First Aid kit                                                £28.99     -    Refill kit £24.99

Travel (vehicle) First Aid kit                                                       £15.99

Automated External Defibrillators (AED)                          from £950+vat (Prices depending on model)

Recertified Automated External Defibrillators                  from £799+vat

Face Shields                                                                              £0.99                

EPI-Pen (training)                                                                      £10.00

Any items can be ordered so please ask for details ad we will be happy to do you a quote.

Price are inclusive of VAT unless stated