Removal of the HSE Approval System

On 1st October 2013 the HSE ceased to guarantee that any particular company is 'Approved' to deliver First Aid Training and from now on the responsibility for ensuring that workplace First Aid training is of an acceptable standard will fall upon the employer. This means employers will require to use some amount of due diligence to ensure training meets the required standard.


As the employer you therefore have 2 options:

1.     From October 2013, training providers will not be able to display a HSE approval number on their certificates and the only way to guarantee that the training meets the standards still set by the HSE, is for the certificate to include the OFQUAL logo. However these OFQUAL awarding organisations do charge for their certificates.


2.     As the employer, you undertake some due diligence checks to ensure that the training you receive will meet the required standards set by HSE by employing qualified training providers. 


TOLAN Training though are a qualified training provider and accredited through a leading Awarding Organisation in “Qualsafe Awards” who are an OFQUAL approved centre. They carry out the appropriate monitoring checks on ourselves to ensure our training is of the required standard. If you choose to not go down the OFQUAL route then TOLAN Training will provide you with all the evidence you need for the due diligence checks which take a matter of a few minutes. The choice is yours. We are also an approved member of the "Association of First Aiders" and the "Association of First Aid & Health and Safety Trainers (A.F.A.H.S.T.)"


What’s the difference then?

·         Nothing really.  Our certificates are very similar to that issued by Qualsafe, bar the “OFQUAL” logo. They will still be accepted as achieving the required standard.  Via OFQUAL though you are receiving a QCF award.

Will the course content be any different?

·         No. The course content will remain exactly the same as recommended by HSE.

How much more will it cost?

Nothing. In fact our 3 day FAW prices have been reduced. The only extra charge will be if a client specifically requests an OFQUAL registered certificate through our Awarding Organisation