Statistics show that only 1 out of 10 people would actually attempt CPR on a child for the fear of causing further harm. Alarmingly a staggering 81% of parents say they do not have the skills needed to administer even basic first aid on their child.

We have designed this course to give parents, family and friends the basic training and knowledge needed when dealing with babies and children in the home environment. This is a 3 hour course and includes the necessary theory followed by lots of practical “hands-on” practice to build confidence. The aim of this course is to enable you to deal with an unconscious casualty who is breathing, and how to deal with a casualty who is not breathing; from the complete novice to those who are skilled but feel their resuscitation skills need updating.

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This course is basically the L2 EFAW but has been adapted for schools to provide students with the basic requirements for first aid in the workplace. As it covers the syllabus of the L2 EFAW it does meet the requirements of the Health & Safety Executive. The course is delivered over 7 hours and covers the treatment of adults and Children involved in first aid incidents in the school. On successful completion of this course a certificate is issued that is valid for three years.

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This course has been developed for those who are working with children and babies, or simply have an interest in Paediatric First Aid. It is suitable for Teachers, Child Minders, Au Pairs, Babysitters, Parents and anybody who cares for children who wish to gain knowledge of emergency procedures and attain a recognised qualification in First Aid. However, it does not meet the required standards and guidelines as defined by OFSTED and the Early Years Foundation Stage (EFYS). Please see the 2-Day version if you wish to meet this criteria.

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Would you know how to help someone if they had a severe allergic reaction?

As a professional member of the Anaphylaxis Campaign, TOLAN Training is pleased to offer Anaphylaxis training at your premises or venue of your choice.

Our 3 hour CPR and Anaphylaxis first aid training course
is for anyone who requires training in how and when to use an auto injector in the treatment of anaphylaxis and in the use of Epi-Pens and JEXT auto injectors..

Around 40% of children in the UK suffer with allergies so the ability to understand and treat allergic conditions is an essential part of childcare. It is an ideal course for workplace first aiders to attend who have to deal with those prone to anaphylaxis. The course deals with prevention, recognition and treatment of severe allergic reactions including the use of auto-injectors and CPR.

Students will be assessed throughout the course in the use of auto injectors and CPR. Upon Successful completion of the course the delegate will be awarded a certificate for CPR & Anaphylaxis First Aid.

The cost of this course for up to 12 people is £299 + vat

If you already hold an accredited First Aid certificate and wish to just have a 1hr Epi Pen training bolt-on session, the cost is £150+vat






This course does meet the required standards and guidelines as defined by OFSTED and the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). It is suitable for childminders, nursery and school staff and anyone dealing with children who want to gain more knowledge. This two day (12 hour) course is delivered at your venue and can be run at the weekends.

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